Synthesis Essay : Vincent Lombardi

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Synthesis Essay – Vincent Lombardi
MSgt Corey N. Riley
Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
Instructor: MSgt Jerome Clark

Vincent Lombardi
“I believe that man’s greatest hour, in fact his greatest fulfillment, his finest fulfillment—is that moment when he has worked his heart out for a good cause and lies exhausted, but victorious, on the field of battle (Lombardi, 2001, p.46).” These are the words of Vincent Lombardi, perhaps the greatest football coach of all time. Lombardi’s leadership philosophy emphasized the importance of winning…striving for perfection, but not at all costs (Lombardi, 2003, p.ix). He believed in “being a person of character, finishing what you start, never compromising your goals, and
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Finally, I will share how Lombardi’s leadership bears personal relevance and illuminates my own personal growth as an ethical leader.
Coaching professional football was Vincent Lombardi’s lifelong goal. His passion and drive laid the foundation for his visionary leadership; when he signed on as the head coach and general manager for the Green Bay Packers he had a clear vision for the future (Buckman, 2002).
Visionary Leader Vincent Lombardi was a visionary leader with one goal, to inspire the Green Bay Packers to become America’s greatest football team. He would achieve this goal by communicating his vision, developing his players to be the best at their specific role, and empower them to own their own success. “Immediately upon his arrival in Green Bay, Lombardi held a team meeting and announced, He would have no tolerance for the halfhearted, the defeatist, the loser. The goal was to be the New York Yankees of football. World champions, every day, year-around. Admired everywhere. No more T-shirts on the road. Team blazers and ties for everyone. Wherever you go, you represent the team. You will talk like, you will look like and you will act like the most dignified professional in your hometown. Relentless in the pursuit of victory. Only-winners. Anyone who didn 't like it was perfectly free to get the hell out right now (Buckman, 2002, p.10-11).”
This was a
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