Synthesis Essay War Images-a Beautiful and Dangerous Weapon

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A Beautiful and Dangerous Weapon War- a state of organized, armed, and often prolonged conflict, typified by extreme aggression, social disruption, and usually high mortality. War is inevitable; people thrive on the idea of war, engaging in bloody affairs, a chance to fight for their freedom and Americas freedom. The public reads of these bloody affairs, in the headlines splattered all over the television screen, imagining in their head the idea of war, the idea of blood, dead bodies, and weapons. Images of war would only put fear and anger into Americans, yet in times of war, the media has an obligation to provide the citizens of America, with these images of war, even if they are terrifying, violent, and bloody. If Americans do not…show more content…
Once war enters into town, Americans freak and panic, not knowing what to do, where to go, or where to even begin? Where will they hide? How will they survive? They were never exposed of what do in a situation like this, they had never heard of such “war” or even seen it, let alone experience it for themselves. They had been kept away from images of war, said to be protected from the reality of it, the blood, dead bodies, and dangerous weapons. “The case for showing gruesome images is not merely democratic; it is strategic as well,” (Kushner, 2004). War images help Americans make smarter decisions in how to react to the fighting, for they are exposed to what war is like, what they will be expecting and how to better prepare themselves so that they may not suffer the consequences. “How are viewers supposed to understand, and make smart decisions about how to react, if they are not even allowed to see images of war?” (Kushner, 2004). The viewing of these images, help the public to better understand, make smart decisions about how to react, after being kept away for so long from the truth. While I agree that, war images do have a negative impact on the public having them become filled with ultimate horror and confusion, I continue to hold that war images are indeed necessary, and should without a doubt be revealed to the public, in helping them except war and violence, better

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