Synthesis Of Aspirin Synthesis

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Synthesis of Aspirin
Erin Chase Arellano CHEM 12A
Acetylsalicylic or most commonly known as Aspirin is made through a combination of salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. It is use to relieve mild to moderate pain such as muscle pain, headaches and common cold and reduce fever.
The objective of this experiment was to synthesize aspirin from salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. The purity of aspirin was tested using the ferric chloride test and % yield was also calculated. Below drawing is the synthesis reaction of aspirin:

Preparations of Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin) Prepare a hot water bath using a 250 ml beaker and a hot plate. Add 100 ml of water into a beaker. Adjust the temperature of the hot plate to 50 C.
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Stir them and note the color change.


Mass, Volumes and yields
Mass of Salicylic acid (g) 0.211 g
Volume of acetic anhydride(ml): 0.479 ml
Mass of Aspirin product (g) 0. 173 g
Percent yield 63.1%
Percent Recovery 82% Melting Point
Softening point (° C) 128.1
Melting point (° C) 131.9
Melting point error 2.30 %

Ferric Chloride Test Result
Test Tube #1 (Salicylic acid) Dark Purple
Test Tube #2 (Aspirin product) Pale Purple
Test Tube #3 (None) None

CALCULATIONS Theoretical Yield
0.210g ×(1 mol Salicylic Acid)/(138.12 g Salicylic Acid) ×(1 mol Aspirin)/(1 mol Salicylic Acid) (180.16 g Aspirin)/(1 mol Aspirin ) =0.274 g Aspirin Percent Yield
(Actual Yield)/(Theoretical Yield) ×100= (0.173 g)/(0.274 g) ×100=63.1% Percent Recovery
(0.173 g)/0.211g x 100=82% Percent error of melting point
(135- 131.9)/135 x 100=2.30 %
DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS In this experiment, the actual yield of the aspirin synthesized was 0.173 g and a theoretical yield of 0.274 g. As a result, there was a 36.9% error with a reasonable percent yield of 63.1 %. Several factors can cause product loss on this experiment. One of them was transferring the product to another flask. The product may not have been fully transferred and still have remaining residue. Another example of this was during the vacuum filtration process, I have noticed that the
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