Synthesis Of Lithium

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The mechanism by which lithium inhibits thyroid hormone release is not well understood. In vitro, lithium decreases colloid droplet formation within thyroid follicular cells, a reflection of decreased pinocytosis of colloid from the follicular lumen. The efficiency of proteolytic digestion of thyroglobulin within phagolysosomes also may be impaired. Lithium increases intrathyroidal iodine content, and inhibits the coupling of iodotyrosine residues to form iodothyronines (T3 and T4) and inhibits release of T4 and T3. Lithium can cause goiter and hypothyroidism, and its use has been associated with both thyroid autoimmunity and hyperthyroidism. Patients should be monitored for thyroid functioning due to the high prevalence of thyroid dysfunction
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