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TASK 5:MICRO-LITERATURE REVIEW: Synthesis of text 1,2&3(1500words) Effective parental leave policy: a change in impact factors across three articles from 2008-2014. Introduction Traditional family model changed a lot these years, women have their own jobs and cannot pay all their attention to their families as they used to. Therefore, parental leave policy is put forward for to decrease work-family conflict for both men and women. Parental leave is an employee benefit available in almost all countries, including maternity, paternity, and adoption leave. During this period, the policy supports new parents in two ways: offering job-protected leave and offering financial support. In some countries, people believe that a good parental…show more content…
It was chosen because of its authority as demonstrated by the number of citations (189), and published by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, which is one of the authority agencies. After analyzed it, the older article (Hegewisch and Gornick,2008) was chosen from the reference of the first one, which point out a new idea about the importance of flexible work place. Finally, after reading and comparing the first two articles, I chose the recent article (Allen et al, 2014), which put forward a new viewpoint about the attitude of employers, from the citing of the first one. These three articles show the change of thinking and focus on different impact factors of the policy efficiency. There are several limitations to the present study that should be acknowledged. Although these three articles research from different aspects and analyzed the factors that influence and impact by this policy, it not enough to comprehensive express the thesis and need more extra references. Discussion of findings Visualization of the relationship between text1, 2&3 Figure 1: Consequences of parental leave policy in different aspects As shown in figure 1, there is a considerable consensus of the three articles that parental leave policy brings huge influence to the new parents in terms of gender equality and work-family conflict. Ray et al (2009) and strongly prove that a good policy can improve gender equality. Moreover, a strong relationship between
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