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Gay/Lesbian Families Adoption is an extremely sensitive subject,(insert dash) especially for individuals who are Gay or Lesbian. There is much controversy on the topic. There are a variety of ways to which it isn’t possible for a couple to adopt. Infertility is becoming a greater problem in our time. In Gerald P. Mallon’s article, “Assessing Lesbian and Gay Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families: A Focus on the Home Study Process,” in 2007. He introduces a few different ways gay men and lesbian couples go about starting a family and mentions how the decision to adopt or become a foster parent for a child is a huge step in parenting. There are even more studies today that show, gay men and lesbians make good parents. In Scott Weber’s…show more content…
Parenting is not solely dependent on sexuality, rather a variety of developed and learned skills throughout one’s life. A heterosexual couple may even be absolutely wrong for a child to foster or adopt. Like any, gay men and lesbian couples must complete a full assessment with an agency and then the agency determines whether the couple is fit or right for the child or children. There is a high demand for children who need a permanent home. In retrospect to the fact that for gay men and lesbian couples adoption or foster care is a first choice; it is also the individuals personal choice to be gay or lesbian. It is becoming more popular for gay men and lesbians to go public with their choice. Should they be permitted to adopt or foster a child? Both parties have a good knowledge as to the process of how a child is conceived. Therefore they understand that in their decision they will not be able to bear children. In that they have also decided to not conceive children of their own amongst themselves. Adoption is not an easy process and for gay men and lesbians to get the chance of adopting a child before a heterosexual couple wanting to adopt is also not reasonable yet adoption agencies will play a major role in finding a home best suitable for each individual child. Adoption agencies will determine the ‘best fitting parents’ in regards, to the best interest of the child. In terms, of the best interest of the child, Weber shows research which brings
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