Synthesis Paper : Leadership And Leadership

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Synthesis Paper: Leadership
Over the years, a great deal of time, and research has been dedicated to the study of leadership. Leadership is one subject that has been discussed a lot. Even with extensive data on the subject, many still disagree on what leadership really means. Moreover, leadership is a word that has many different meanings and different researched theories associated with it. On a basic level, leadership involves having and establishing a clear vision, sharing that vision with followers, respecting followers, and leading an organization with excellence while ensuring that everyone is part of the team. Furthermore, leadership is a method by which a leader uses his or her influence towards getting a group of
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Conversely, effective leadership styles are centered on creating an invigorating environment that is safe, fair, and consistent for all. The aforementioned statements will give a picture of the common thread shared throughout the articles reviewed for this synthesis assignment.
Leadership Themes Research indicates that there are a vast number of approaches and theories for assessing effective leadership and behaviors. One theory that seems to be the most popular by Bass was transformational leadership. This theory and hypothesis involve idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. Transformational leadership has all the characteristics that dictate a leader’s relationship with followers. As we delve into the study of leadership we will find several common themes: effective leadership theories, relationships with followers and the results of getting followers to go beyond what is asked of them based on influence and motivation. In reviewing the research of each article, it was clear that the goal of each study was to determine which style of leadership or theory would be most effective in getting great results for the organization while maintain positive relationships. Thus, a study was conducted while comparing and contrasting different approaches to leadership. One study (Cavazotte, Moreno & Hickman, 2011) examines the results of personality traits, emotional intelligence on
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