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Synthesis Paper Skateboarding means different things to different people. It’s a life style, an art form, a sport, a career, a hobby, a mode of transport, a kid’s pastime, a form of rebellion, a booming industry, a form of expression, family entertainment, a healthy form of exercise, a dangerous activity, and an addiction, but also a culture, an identity, an education, and even a religion to faithful follower s. But the dangerous part of skating stops many people from skateboarding. Injury also has been a common issue since skateboard was created. I summarized three articles that include statistics of skateboarding injuries and express different views from their own perspectives on this issue. According to “Skateboard Injuries” written…show more content…
The last paper is “Skateboard-Related Injuries: Not to be Taken Lightly. A National Trauma Databank Analysis.” It has multiple authors which are T. Lustenberger, P. Talving, G. Barmparas, B. Schnuriger, L. Lam, K. Inaba and D. Demetriades. This article was published in the Journal of Trauma-injury Infection and Critical Care in 201 0. At the beginning of the article, [the] writers introduce that increasing popularity of skateboarding made trauma centers experience increased number of skateboard injuries. The incidence and type of injuries and the effect of age on these variables were poorly described in the literature. So they decided to specify the injuries and analyze the outcomes of injuries according to the age groups. In the article, writers mentioned that the younger age group (younger than 10 years) was significantly more likely to suffer femur fractures and less likely to suffer tibia fractures than the older age groups. Helmets and use of a skateboard park were significant factors protecting against head injury. At last writers drew the conclusion that skateboard-related injuries are associated with a high incidence of traumatic brain injury and long bone fractures, and age plays an important role in the anatomic distribution of injuries, injury severity, and outcomes. Writers also demonstrated that helmet
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