Synthesis and Characterization of Pb(S, Se)Thin Films.

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Studies on chemically deposited Pb(S,Se) thin films J. D. Chaudhari *, R.D. Chaudhari * *, Dr. R. H. Bari + Department of Physics, G. D. M. Arts, K. R. N. Commerce & M. D. Science College, Jamner.Pin – 424 206 Abstract : Thin films of Pb(S,Se) [lead sulfoselenide] have been prepared on glass substrate at 50°C by simple chemical bath deposition technique. The starting materials used for deposition were lead acetate, tri-sodium citrate, sodium sulphite and elemental selenium. Ammonium hydroxide solution was used to adjust pH of the bath. In order to obtain good quality thin films, time, deposition temperature and pH of the solution were optimized and they are found to be 1 hour, 50°C and 10 respectively. Characterization…show more content…
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