Synthesis and Ir Analysis of Trans-[Bis(Inosinato)Palladium(Ii)]

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Synthesis and IR Analysis of trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)]


In this lab we synthesized trans-[Bis(inosinato) palladium(II)] for IR analysis. After completion of the reaction 84.4% of the product was collected. IR spectrum of the product and inosine was analyzed to determine how the inosine is bonded to the metal, palladium. From the IR analysis, it was determined that when inosine reacts with palladium, a shift of about 65 cm-1 in the carbonyl stretch was observed.


In this experiment, trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)], was synthesized. The general reaction equation for the reaction is shown below: KOH
(1) K2[PdCl4] + 2 inosine trans-[Pd(inosine-H+)2] +
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A total of 1.5 mL was added to produce a pH of around 6. The mixture was stirred for an additional 30 minutes. The light yellow precipitate was collected by suction filtration using a Hirsch funnel. The product was washed with two 1-mL portions of cold methanol followed by two 1-mL portions of diethyl ether. The product was dried in the oven at 110°C. The IR spectrum as a KBr pellet was obtained for the product and inosine for analysis.

Results and Discussion:

After completion of the reaction, the percent yield was collected for the product and is shown in Table 1. Synthesis of the yellow solid Trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)] was 84.4%.

Table 1. Synthesis Results | Compound | Yield | Appearance | 1 | Trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)] | 84.4 % | Yellow solid |

The result from the IR spectra for Trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)], and inosine are summarized in Table 2 and 3. It is important to note that Trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)] compound had an extra carbonyl peak at 1712.21 cm-1 which is from inosine impurity.

Table 1. IR ANALYSIS: trans-[Bis(inosinato)palladium(II)] Frequency (cm−1) | Bond Responsible | 3388.55 | O-H stretch | 2928.24 | SP³ C-H stretches | 1712.21 | C=O inosine impurity | 1636.64 | C=O with Pd-O interaction | 1327.48 | C-N stretch aromatic | 1080.15 | C-O ether stretch |

Table 2. IR
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