Synthesizer in Popular Culture Music

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Technology is gradually plays a part of abundance in popular music by continuously emerging songs with the use of technological devices. With the experimental use of electronic music instrument, it sparked a new development for artists to blend in synthesizer sound into their compositions and left a mark in the music industry (Pinch and Bijsterveld, 2003, pp. 536 - 537). Synthesizer played a crucial role in popular music through the impact of the mechanical instrument to deliver a new electronic sound to inspire bands like Kraftwerk who played a critical role towards electronic music. As the instrument matured quickly, it shaped up the modern music world progressively through the new direction sound to have people forgetting the strange sound it once perceived from the listeners (“Champions of sound; Man and machine in perfect harmony, Kraftwerk were the Beatles with synthesizers, says Mark Edwards”, 2009, p. 29). Background on synthesizer The name ‘synthesizer’ was first developed in 1958 for the RCA Mark II Synthesizer programmed from paper tape. It was then adopted by several developers with the first commercialized synthesizer created by Robert Moog in 1964 (Pinch and Bijsterveld, 2003, pp. 547 - 548). The possibility of using a synthesizer could be endless to composite songs by shaping and exploring the music that may be limited with two important key components presented behind most synthesizers (Howe, 1972, p. 121). The first component is the explicit controls used
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