Synthetic Biology's Role In Overcoming Cultural Differences

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James J. Collins, a biomedical engineering professor, stresses the use of team work across all of the sciences. He says “We must overcome cultural differences and biases. We must move beyond tribal comments…”.1 When he mentions ‘cultural differences’ I believe he means having sciences from all over the world working together. People have to be able to work together to overcome these social issues, so more projects can get done in a quicker manner. Collins says when people have worked together they have created great things much as ‘whole-cell biosensors’ he explains that they separate the cells that have stuck to a particular surface, these have the potential to be very dangerous. In Andy Ellington’s article, Build green “bioalchemists”, he talks about how the “biggest challenge” for synthetic biologists is to have cell or organism make more chemical products. Today, scientists have…show more content…
With this being so brand new, and highly complex the government must step in. Maxon mentions a very important statistic “Congress is also unlikely to support the field if…synthetic biology is perceived by the public as ‘unnatural, man-made, and artificial’…”.3 When congress decides that synthetic biology is essential to the USA they can receive a lot of funding and the future possibilities will be endless. I believe that the greatest impact that one of these technologies could do is create prosthetic networks. Martin Fussenegger says that if synthetic biologists can control the complexity of mammalian cells then “these designer cell communities would monitor disease- relevant metabolites in the blood and coordinate the production and release (a) compound as the body needed …”.4 This could mean the total elimination of pharmaceuticals. This is so crucial to the economy and many peoples’ jobs because we will no longer need anyone to produce or sell these
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