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Syphilis is a rare sexually transmitted disease that causes serious health problems and complications if left untreated. This disease has stages and many symptoms. Both genders can contract it, but it can be cured and certainly prevented. Syphilis is a harsh sexually transmitted disease. It can be contracted through intercourse and orally with any age or gender. The infection is a spiral shaped bacteria that grows on the mucus of the genitals or mouth. Syphilis has three stages, the first stage is the presence of painless ulcers, also know as chancre. The open sore can develop anytime within ten to ninety days after you have contracted it, which at this time is very contagious. The next stage is where the symptoms really start to show,…show more content…
Men can also have similar symptoms by having open ulcer looking sores on their genitals. Women can also pass this disease on their children if not treated before birth. The symptoms both genders can have is fever, headaches, hair loss, genital warts, and sore throat. The third and latent stage of this disease which is no longer contagious by this time. A person may have this infection for up to twenty years and by this point can cause multiple complications throughout the body. A lot of the time it doesn’t make it to this stage , but some of the problems lead to heart and brain damage. To have a test done to check for the presence of syphilis, you must see a physician who then swabs the ulcer or sore and sends it off to the lab where it is then checked for the infection. A simple blood test can also detect the infection as well if you don’t have any current signs. This condition can be treated at anytime by an antibiotic like penicillin. Since this condition can damage the organs, it is better to get it treated sooner than later. It is also important to keep going back to the doctors to get blood work done repeatedly to make sure that the infection is totally cleared up. The best way to prevent this disease is to protect yourself with contraception’s, and by not having sexual activity with someone who you think may be infectious. In conclusion you should always know the history about your partner

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