Syria And The Greater Fertile Crescent

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1. Syria and the greater Fertile Crescent are often thought of as the birth of agricultural societies, some 12,00 years ago. Recently, however, this area has experience the worst 3 year drought on record. The drought conditions exacerbated existing political, water and agricultural insecurity and caused mass agricultural failure, livestock mortality, massive rural to urban human migrations. Kelley et al set out to understand how these effects were the product of vulnerability and hazard severity by analyzing Syria’s liability to drought and the social impacts of the recent droughts leading to the onset of the Syrian civil war. The Kelley team completed their analysis through observations and climate models in order to assess how unusual the drought was within the observed records and the reasons why it was so severe. Kelley et al believe that the socio-economic severity of the drought was due to a variety of factors, however, there were ___ main factors that exacerbated one another. One such factor that ignited the following sequence of events was the Syrians governments agricultural policy of increasing agricultural production to assist rural constituents. The increase in unsustainable agricultural production led to a rapid decline of groundwater in which farms without access to irrigation canals linked to river tributaries, pumped groundwater supplies roughly 60% of all water used for irrigation purposes. Thus when a severe drought began in 2006/2007, the agricultural
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