Syria Is A Secular State Of The Middle East

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Syria is located in the heart of the Middle East known for its diversity, and old inhabited city. The people of Syria find themselves amongst Greek ruins form early mosques in the history of Islam. The past play a major role in modern Syria in how it defines its traditions and religious practices despite its lack of government since 1946; Syria has a long history of culture. The people of Syria place their importance on religion, family, self- discipline, education, and respect.
Syrians identify with their religious group or sect; the majority of the country is Sunni Muslim, which has created a feeling of cultural unity. Syria is a secular state, meaning that the state does not support religion or irreligion. However, membership of a
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Shias Believed that Mohammed had anointed his son-in-law, Ali, as his rightful successor. Unlike Sunnis Shias believe there were 12 imams, and the last imam will one day return to restore order and justice. Minor variations exist between the groups such as how they hold their hands during prayer. Sunnis pray with their hands crossed over their chests or stomachs, while Shias leave their hands by their sides. Most of the differences between both religions stem from political difference rather than spiritual differences despite their differences in opinion and practice, Shia and Sunni Muslims share the articles of Islamic belief and are both brethren in faith.
Alawites is Islam’s largest minority sect having a unique practice, with similarities to Shi’ism but little known form of Islam that dates back to the 9th and 10th century. About a half million Alawites live in the area of Latakia. Their theology is based on a divine triad, or trinity, which is the core of Alawite belief. Alawites believe that they were originally stars or divine lights that were casted out of heaven through disobedience and must undergo reincarnation before returning to heaven. Through that process, they believe that they will be reincarnated. Although sunnies and Shias observe the holy month of Ramadan or make a pilgrimage to Mecca, the alwaites however do not.
Family in Syria is the main reason for their social status; great amount of honor and respect is
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