Syrian Arab And The Syrian War

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The Syrian War is a worldwide issue that has dominated our newsfeeds and media outlets. Syrian Arab Republic is a small country located in the Middle East, surrounded by countries like Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq (see Figure 1.). Syria also partly boarders the Mediterranean Sea, where fertile plains and high mountains occupy the lands which were once vastly used for the countries agricultural resources. Their main source of income of Syria’s trades is oil which is approximately 70% of their exportation. The remaining 30 % of workforce are employed in agriculture, producing crops such as wheat, barley, and cotton. But because of over farming the lands they have turned mainly into dried desert. The soil has deteriorated and most areas are no longer rich for farming this has resulted in to deserts from the arid climate (Encyclopedia 1998).
Population in Syrian Arab Republic has been a steadily dropping through the years, nearly a two million decline just in the past 6 years. Currently, World Bank as recorded 18.5 million people still resides on Syria land, this number continues to drop as the boarders open to take in thousand more refugees regularly (The World Bank 2016). The ethnicity of Syrians population makes up many varieties of Middle Eastern cultures such with the majority being Semitic Arabian, which occupies just over ninety percent of the population. The remaining ethnicities are Kurds, Armenians, Muslim, including several other small remaining percentages of…
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