Syrian Civil War Is The Biggest Threat For The Future Of Syria

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"You go to schools where Syrian refugees are, and you see that their drawings are mostly of houses being bombed, or people being killed or bodies on ground," "This trauma by violence is the biggest threat for the future of Syria,” says Guterres. "Girls are driven to prostitution by their own families. It’s a tragedy," (Abdo). The Syrian civil war was started by the lack of responsibility Assad and the Syrian Government had for their people. Assad was not supposed to be ruler at all. Assad doesn’t understand the true human emotion that the Syrian people feel. His ruling has only increased the civil war and hatred between the two groups of people, those rebelling and the leaders of Syria, and Enlarged Syria’s crisis. The people of Syria have rights just like every other human on this earth.(Zisser) Therefore, the government should take care of their people, instead of his position of power.
Assad wasn’t destined to be the ruler of Syria. His brother’s unexpected death forced Assad into power after he had pursued a medical degree and occupation.(Lesch) He never was interested in entering politics. And he didn’t need to, his older brother, Bassel, was being groomed by his father to enter politics.(Leverett)

The goals of Is and al-Nusra Front for the northern lands of Syria is trying to establish an Islamist state in the country. Their goals are to overthrow Bashar al-Assad 's government in Syria and to create an Islamic emirate under sharia law, with an emphasis from an early…

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