Syrian Crisis Case Study

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The purpose of this project is to raise money to help fund the educational fees for the mother and father of the family so that they may work towards a more stable life in Canada and to increase awareness in Guelph about the Syrian crisis. GCVI Cares is a charitable school organization that has been sponsoring a Syrian refugee family since the spring of 2016. The Syrian family arrived in Canada in October 2016 and are very grateful to be in Canada. The family is excited to be restarting their lives in Canada but they need a lot of help settling in. The family consists of a mother named Nour, her husband Ahmed and their two children, Hasan and Emel. Hasan is a 7 year old boy who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Emel is a 6 month old baby. Back in Syria, Nour and Ahmed were both licensed pharmacists. Currently, Ahmed is working hard to find employment here in Guelph to help support his family while Nour is staying home to help take care of their special needs son and 6 month old baby. For both Nour and Ahmed to get their license here in Canada, it will cost roughly $36,000. In order to help the family through a difficult time, the project wishes to raise money in the Guelph community to help out a family in need. The money donated will go towards Nour and Ahmed’s educational fees and living expenses.
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