Syrian Global Refugee Crisis

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Syrian refugees are facing many problems as a result of fleeing their country for other nations around the globe. Syrian refugees are desperately needing housing, medical care, and jobs in order to survive. The government of Lebanon is struggling to provide aid, housing, and other resources to care for the influx of Syrian refugees and seeking humanitarian efforts from other countries and organizations in handling the tidal wave of refugees flooding their country. Research methodology is a literature review. Syrian Global Refugee Crisis in Lebanon The Syrian war is a conflict between the government and civilians which has raged on for over five years and have claimed the lives of more than a quarter of a million people (“Competing Gas Pipelines,” n.d.). The goal for the Syrians is to remove the president from office no matter what the cost may be. While the government sees the Syrians as out of control and needs to be controlled. Both sides, the Syrians, and the government do not care how many causalities there are in this process of getting what they are desiring. As a result of the war, millions have fled their country to seek asylum in neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey which is now creating a new set of problems for both the host country and the refugees. The Syrian refugee’s crisis is impacting the world by organizations and other countries trying to get aid and resources to the refugees, but their efforts are being
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