Syrian Jets Bombed A Marketplace

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Syrian jets bombed a marketplace in Douma, Syria in August of 2015 (Robins-Early 5). This was an attack that occurred in the midst of the Syrian civil war, a war between the government (led by President Bashar al-Assad) and rebel civilians. The current civil war revolves around a conflict regarding the balance of power within the country, while an immense number of innocent civilians are being caught in the center of the violence and instability that the brutal war is causing. Over 4 million people have left the country as refugees, while others have been unable to escape the horrific violence (Robins-Early 1). Amongst those who have been stuck within the country, children are quitting school to make money to support their families, as…show more content…
According to the United Nations (U.N.), the total number of children deaths has been over 8,500, including 2,000 under the age of 10 (Omer 1). This brutal war has undoubtedly affected the lives of many Syrian citizens, and while the death toll continues to rise, the lives of Syrian children are being affected the most, as they are most vulnerable to the damage. Anthony Lake, the executive director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), says that “Never in recent memory have so many children been subjected to such unspeakable brutality” (Omer 1). While many children are being affected by crises around the world, UNICEF’s executive director believes that this war that has been going on for half a decade is what has been most cruel towards children because of the violent nature of the war that takes place amongst them. Wynn Flaten, the director of World Vision’s Syria Crisis Regional Response team, says that refugee children “need special protection. They need to get into schools. Even when they can get in, often the classrooms are overflowing with extra students, or they are bullied to such an extent that they no longer even want to go” (Omer 2). The war is affecting the children greatly, as when they try to get the education they want, they are often rejected by either the school or the bullies within them. Either way, they are turned away from getting a proper education,
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