Syrian Jets Bombed A Marketplace

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Syrian jets bombed a marketplace in Douma, Syria, killing more than 100 people in August of 2015 (Robins-Early 5). This was an attack that occurred in the midst of the Syrian civil war, a war between the government (President Bashar al-Assad), and rebel civilians. The current civil war revolves around a conflict regarding the balance of power within the country, while an immense number of innocent civilians are being caught in the center of the violence and instability that the brutal war is causing. Over 4 million people have left the country as refugees, while some are unable to escape to horrific violence (Robins-Early 1). Amongst those who are stuck within the country, children are quitting school to make money to support their families, as their parents die in the midst of the war. Innocent people- citizens of the region- are being infected by diseases that have been eradicated for a decade and a half. The Syrian civil war has caused much violence and instability to increase amongst the citizens of the war-torn country, as seen through the loss of education and childhood that the children must face, along with the disease epidemics that the entire population must face.
The war has caused many innocent deaths, including those of children, and those who are still alive are facing tremendous changes that are affecting their education and childhood. Since its start in March of 2011, more than 70,000 innocent civilians have lost their lives to the war. According to the…

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