Syrian Refugee Crisis And The United States

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Hi, I’m Marcelina. I’m John. We’re here on BluJ Radio to talk about the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the United States’ response to this ongoing human rights concern. We’ll be asking you a number of questions and spouting off facts here and there. We ask you to form your own thoughts and opinions on this important social justice matter. We hope you’ll listen in and keep an open mind. Okay, so the Syrian Refugee Crisis. What exactly is going on? Before you can understand what’s happening to the people, you have to understand the catalyst behind everything that’s happened. In March of 2011, peaceful Syrian protesters were ambushed by President Bashar al-Assad’s army. This continued for a few months and in July of that same year, the protesters began firing back. This was the beginning of the five-year ongoing civil war in Syria. So, you have this Middle Eastern region essentially split into two fractions: the rebels, which consist of the Syrian protesters, the Gulf States, and the United States. On the other hand, you have Assad, with Iran and Russia firmly in his corner. Suddenly, it’s turned into a “Great Powers” dispute reminiscent of the Cold War era. In August of 2013, Assad used chemical weapons against civilians to diminish the rebels’ powers. In February of 2014, an al Qaeda affiliate turned enemy rose, and called itself ISIS. Currently, there’s no like-minded force opposing Assad, with each nation or group keeping ulterior motives. This has led to continuous pain and
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