Syrian Refugee Crisis Essay

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Everyday, people all over the world are removed from their homes and forced to leave. You could be pushed out of your house from a foreclosure, or pushed out of your country from an extremist. In society today, thousands upon thousands of people are fleeing to a new country they can call “home” and where they can feel safe. Among these people, a big majority are the Syrian people. The Syrian Refugee Crisis has been relevant for about four years since the start of the Syrian civil war that began in March 2011, and is comparable to the Native Americans being pushed from their home lands. The Syrian Refugee Crisis equates to the Trail of Tears because both Syrians and refugees alike were pushed out of their homes, they were both forced to find…show more content…
Both had a force pushing them to leave, however, these forces are extremely different. For the Native Americans, the pushing force was the United States, which is no where near as terrible as the Isis forces in Syria. Isis stands for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Although the United States were in no way helpful to Native Americans for a majority of the early 1800s, they were from different cultures and backgrounds. They were not as similar as Isis is to the Refugees. Also, the Trail of Tears had only lasted about one year, whereas the Syrian Refugee Crisis has been going on for four years and is only getting worse day after day. Through both journeys, people died, and are continuing to die, everyday due to starvation and disease, and it's only going to get worse due to the cold temperatures soon to come. The reasons for these groups being forced to leave are also different. The Native Americans were forced to leave simply for the fact that the “Whites” wanted their land. The Syrians are not actually forced to leave, however, to have any chance at a decent life, they must. The war going on in Syria is the cause for all destruction, and if people were to stay there, they may soon be killed or will be living a scared and horrible life always having to watch their every
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