Syrian Refugee Crisis

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A famous philosopher theologian once wrote a book entitled, How Shall We Then Live? In light of the current Syrian Refugee Crisis, I find myself asking the asking the question, "How Shall I Then Live?"

As I watch the refugee tragedy unfold, one word comes to mind; "REACTION!"

Not long ago, I sat at a the Waffle House Restaurant in Springfield, Missouri. While eating scrambled eggs and drinking my coffee, a patron frantically erupted, "I don't know what we are going to do? I hear they are letting those Refugees into St. Louis and then Springfield! Our governor won't stop them from coming in!" Clearly fearful she added, "They get free housing, medical, and food. All I have to say is, 'What about ME?' "

A gentleman sitting two stools down
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The macro issue of the refugee crisis is a global issue. It's on the macro stage most want to voice an opinion; an opinion that matters little, changes little, or helps little. Very little of the macro involves ME directly. I live in a micro world of this problem. Micro Me can offer positive contributions to the refugee…show more content…
Words, opinions, solutions, biases, and verbal atrocities exploded on social media platforms around the world. There is an ancient saying,

"Talking about a matter before one understands the matter is shameful and foolish."

Second, ME can contribute positively! In our congregation, several members actually serve in some of those horrible refugee camps helping suffering refugee-travelers. They paint the picture of hopeless fearful desperate people leaving murdered loved ones behind looking for hope in a strange new terrifying world. ME contributes money to actual people on the ground in refugee camps helping Christians share the love of Christ with desperate Muslim women and children by serving them.

In giving a cup of cold water in Jesus name, perhaps Christ's love can emerge from the seed beds of hate and religious extremism.

Third, ME can pray for governments and authorities to make wise decisions. This problem is intricately complicated, requiring wise level headed people to act in the best interests of everyone. Protection of citizens is the highest priority. So too, is this vast swelling of refugee-humanity needing rescue, relief, and
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