Syrian Refugees Crisis Research Paper

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Ryan Wallach
Syrian Refugee Crisis
Syria’s civil war is a really big problem in our society right now. Many of the people living there have been killed or forced to leave the country. The issue is starting to be an immense problem for many European countries. Many families are leaving Syria and seeking asylum in different countries such as: Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. These people are wanting to make new homes in these countries but face many overwhelming struggles. The conditions of Syria are horrible. People are becoming sick due to lack of sanitation and kids are ill-treated and famished. Most kids have dropped out of school and many children are forced to work to support their families. These families have decided that staying is more
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The Unites States economy would have a positive impact if we allowed refugees to come in. According to Studebaker, foreign born immigrants contribute almost $19,000 more in tax receipts each decade than they consume in government benefits. This means the refugees pay for their public services. Refugees would contribute lots of money so in return states could build new schools and employ more teachers to teach the influx of new children. The website also stated that the Government would make a net profit of $3,000 per immigrant over the next decade for an overall gain of $30 million. So immigrants are a positive investment for our society. Also, immigrants have to go through a 20-month process to be admitted into the U.S. So you can assume that these refugees are going to be safe. Probably the most important argument is that taking refugees in is the right thing to do. According to the Jewish Journal “"whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saves an entire world." So America could be the great savior and help Syrian refugees to have a good life and safe future. No Syrian refugee has been arrested on a terrorism charge so it would be safe to say the threat is minimal. Also, “The US owes these refugees. Without the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, there would have been no al-Qaeda in that part of the world, and no al-Qaeda offshoots like Daesh/ ISIL” according to AlterNet. The U.S also has accepted almost 20,000 refugees from Iraq last year so it is really foolish to not accept Syrians but to accept Iraqis. AlterNet also concluded that the united states has to step up and face one of the world’s great humanitarian crises. Another good reason for America to take in Syrian refugees because the need is crucial. Most Syrians are homeless and others have been forced to flee the country. Europe is
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