Syrian Refugees During The Syrian Civil War

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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
This is the story of Dania, a ten year old Syrian refugee now living in Lebanon. She can still recall hours spent huddling in a hole in the ground that her father had dug for the family in times of artillery attack, as they crouched in the dirt covering their heads. She could hear the boom of cars exploding, as buildings and stores crumbled to the ground. Ever since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War three years ago, her life has not been the same. Her small school has been destroyed by explosions, and her uncle killed in a missile attack. By the summer of 2013 her family came face to face with the realities of war-- either die in Syria or risk everything by fleeing to Lebanon. To Dana’s family there was no choice, they had to flee. She has been living as a refugee in Lebanon ever since (Lewis).
There are many causes and effects associated with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. The primary cause of this movement is the Syrian Civil war. The various effects of this migration include the influx of refugees putting immense pressure on Lebanon’s already frail infrastructure, conflict with Lebanese citizens, and the effects on the lives of the nearly 1.1 million Syrian refugees now living in Lebanon (Blanford).
In order to understand the effects of this immigration, we must first understand its cause. The main cause of this migration is the Syrian Civil War. The civil war in Syria broke out in 2011 and has been escalating ever since (“Record Year
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