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Current Event Syrian Refugee Crisis The Syrian refugee crisis has become the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Currently, more than 12 million people are affected by the ongoing conflict happening in Syria. For the sake of comparison, the amount of people affected by both hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake, only totals to 5.2 million people (World Vision staff, 2015). These tragedies both hail in comparison to what his happening in Syria today. Ethical Issue The current ethical issue being discussed in our society today, is whether or not we should allow Syrian refugees into the United States. There are strong proponents to each side of the debate, each with their own ideals as to what is the best course of…show more content…
However, President Obama has remained undeterred, standing with his decision to continue the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the U.S. The Refugee Act of 1980, gives the president explicit authorization to allow foreign refugees into the U.S. The previously mentioned act mentions the president may allow refugees who are faced with “persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” (Millhiser, 2015). People against the acceptance of refugees, believe that by allowing refugees into our country, we are increasing the amount of terrorists entering our nation as well. Many claim that our current screening procedures are not enough to weed out the terrorists among the thousands of refugees. Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal, refuses to accept any Syrian refugees “until the federal government and Congress conducts a thorough review of current screening procedures and background checks" (Fantz, 2015). Ethical Theory Different ethical theories can be applied to both sides of this controversial issue. People advocating for the relief of Syrian refugees believe foremost that it is the right thing to do; both morally and ethically. The majority of this side believes this is a matter of

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