Syrian Regime Research Paper

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The Syrian Regime frees United States citizen Kevin Patrick Dawes, the State Department said on Friday, according to the Washington Post. However, it is believed that they Syrian Regime have one other US citizen, Austin Tice, as prisoner in their country.
John Kirby, representative for the State Department confirmed the news.
“We can confirm and welcome the news that a U.S. citizen was released by Syrian authorities,” Mr. Kirby said. “The United States continues to work through every possible means to ensure the safe release of U.S. citizens reported missing or taken hostage in Syria.”
Kevin Davies is a freelance photographer and a journalist who arrived in Syria after he crossed over from Turkey. According to the investigations, they think
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However, it is doubtful that he wanted to be kidnapped and held as a hostage.
Still missing is Austin Tice, of Houston, Texas, and although the Syrian government said they did not detain him, the United States government believes that they did or a group affiliated with the government is holding him hostage. Austin was in Syria covering their civil war in august 2012 when he disappeared. The last time anyone has seen or heard from him was in September of that same year>. A, a video was released showing Austin blindfolded and held by men carrying guns. He was heard saying, “Oh Jesus.”
The family of Austin Tice posted this message on Twitter, “The [Daweses’] private, painful ordeal is finally over. We are delighted for Kevin & his family.”
John Kirby confirmed in a statement the reports that one American was released by the Syrian government. “While privacy considerations prevent us from commenting further, we continue to work through our Czech protecting power in Syria to get information on the welfare and whereabouts of Austin Tice and other U.S. citizens missing and detained in Syria. We appreciate the efforts of the Czech mission on behalf of U.S.
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