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Syriana is a movie revolving around the many facets of US – Middle East relations. The movie is split into various plot lines to identify roots of Islamic Militancy and Terrorism in the Middle East, prospects of democracy and full self-determination and the varying effects of current US policy.

Syriana begins with CIA agent Barnes’s attempts to eliminate illegal arms trafficking. During his mission, Barnes notices that a missile is sold to an unknown individual and reports this to his supervisors who advise him to disregard the missing missile. Although not necessarily an American intention, this arms sale is quite real in other situations. There have been numerous accounts of America selling weapons to various organizations in the
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The prince is responsible for selling natural gas drilling rights to the Chinese, thus angering the Americans. Furthermore, the Prince’s father, the emir, has good relations with America and allows them to keep military personal in his country. The allowance of US troops is of specific value in comparison, notably, with Saudi Arabia. This is a major sore spot for many fundamentalists as it is viewed as a military occupation of holy grounds. Osama bin-Laden is known for brandishing this point as a major reason for hating America (Zeiden 2001). It also angers Prince Nasir, who believes in reforms to move his country away from dependence on oil and foreign nations. This is noticeably in opposition to American oil interests, so they subsequently bomb the Prince as he attempts to secure the throne away from his brother (emir content with continuing former policies). US interference in Middle Easter politics is extremely common. America, and other European nations, has supported both oppressive regimes and military coups to secure oil interests (Zunes; Pitz, Lecture Modern Iran). In doing so, they have blocked the path to democracy and self-determination for many nations.

The last storyline deals with Bennett Holiday’s inquiry into Connex-Killen, a merger creating the world’s 23rd largest economy. There is special concern to how Killen, then a smaller oil company, is able to acquire enormous drilling rights in Kazakhstan. Bennett is hired as a

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