Syrian's Secret Library Essay

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“Nobody can leave now” (Thomson 3).The people in Syria trapped under the intimidating power of guns and bombs during the brutal war.The people scared,homeless and hungry,but they get through it day by day. But they are trying to rebuild the communities and try to continue the education in Syria.

In the article “Syria's Secret Library” by Mike Thomson,expresses how the bombed and war ceased city, creates a secret library for the refugees in Syria. Therefore there are many struggles of everyday life, but for the people of Syria during the war it takes normal struggles to another level. Children that are living in Syria during this time have to face difficult truth of the war.A young Syrian girl with the name of Islam claims, she spends almost all her time inside, playing games to take her mind off her
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This gentleman named Mr. Abdel Mutalleb Hariri took his six kids and registered them in camp schools directly after they arrive to Deraa in January 2013. He currently now sells clothes because he is unable to work as a veteran. As his wife teaches English in a grade school (Associated Press 3). The Syrians are now working to restore education to the area.People that are risking their lives to collect books for a library might seem hard to believe. The books help the community in many different ways.People like volunteers working in a hospital use the library’s books to teach them how to treat ill or hurt patients; also dentist sweep the shelves for guidance on extracting teeth or filling teeth; and untrained use books to help them teach and prepare classes” ( Thomson 3). People from offices, schools and even the front line people are now reading and developing a new insight on education. Even the Free Syrian Army fighters who have to face the responsibility of protecting the town are very devoted readers. (Thomson

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