System 1 Thinking

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Thinking that is done with images or verbal statements is used by someone thinking of images in his mind to help aid him to understand or solve something, such as a situation or concept. By visually thinking through the steps you need to take before you take them, you can get a better grasp of the different solutions and outcomes of the situation. Checkers, for example, is a game where you need to mentally visualize and evaluate each move you make to win against your opponent. From your position, you would look at each of your checker pieces, review their positions against your opponent’s pieces, and visually compare each move to figure out which one gives you an advantage. With a verbal statement, such as “how many cabinets do you have in…show more content…
In System 1 thinking, you rely heavily on past long-term experiences, which leads you to have a gut feeling (i.e. intuition) of what the answer may be. Quick simple math would be an example of System 1 thinking because, with a problem like 1+1, the answer would be quick and automatic. In contrast, System 2 thinking relies on cautious processing of factors, such as the claims, risks, and evidence, before an action is made. System 1 is flawed because by giving instinctual answers, we do not take the time to carefully think about the question and critique whether our answer may be wrong. However, this type of thinking is most useful for professionals, such as doctors, who have years of repeated experience in a field where they can get immediate feedback. A disadvantage of System 2 thinking is we, as humans, are governed by our emotions, which means how we feel may unconsciously cloud or sway our judgment and logic to make decisions. We also never know the full consequences or outcomes of our decisions as we can’t perceive all the endless possibilities. However, this type of thinking ensures you are less likely to make an error because you will thoroughly think about each step you take to get the
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