System Analysis and Design

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Assignment: 1. Describe three traditional techniques for collecting information during analysis. When might one be better than another? 2. What are the general guidelines for collecting data through observing workers? 3. What is the degree of a relationship? Give an example of each of the relationship degrees illustrated in this chapter. Please make sure the assignment follows APA FORMAT. Also the citation and the references are two important factors of getting good grade for the assignment. Again the deadline for this assignment is by Thursday no later than 11:59 PM IST. For any questions and concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Chapter Objectives After studying this chapter, you should be able to:…show more content…
Finally, structural information about data is essential to generate programs automatically. For example, the fact that a customer order has many line items as opposed to just one affects the automatic design of a computer form in Microsoft Access for entry of customer orders. In this chapter, we discuss the key concepts of data modeling, including the most common format used for data modeling—entity-relationship (E-R) diagramming. During the systems analysis phase of the SDLC, you use data-flow diagrams to show data in motion and E-R diagrams to show the relationships among data objects. We also illustrate E-R diagrams drawn using Microsoft’s Visio tool, highlighting this tool’s capabilities and limitations. You have now reached the point in the analysis phase where you are ready to transform all of the information you have gathered and structured into some concrete ideas about the design for the new or replacement information system. This aspect is called the design strategy. From requirements determination, you know what the current system does. You also know what the users would like the replacement system to do. From requirements structuring, you know what forms the replacement system’s process flow and data should take, at a logical level independent of any physical implementation. To bring analysis to a conclusion, your job is to take these structured requirements and

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