System Analysis and Design

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System Analysis and Design Syllabus SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN Module 1: Data and Information (3) Types of information: operational, tactical, strategic and statutory – why do we need information systems – management structure – requirements of information at different levels of management – functional allocation of management – requirements of information for various functions – qualities of information – small case study. Module 2: Systems Analysis and Design Life Cycle (3) Requirements determination – requirements specifications – feasibility analysis – final specifications – hardware and software study – system design – system implementation – system evaluation – system modification. Role of systems analyst – attributes of a…show more content…
2. 1 3 1 3. 2. Systems Analysis and Design Life Cycle 4. 5. 0.5 1 3 1 3. Information gathering 4. Feasibility analysis 6. Feasibility analysis, final specifications, hardware and software study, system design, system implementation, system evaluation, system modification. 7. Role of systems analyst – attributes of a systems analyst – tools used in system analysis 8. Information gathering, strategies, methods 9. Case study/documenting study, system requirements specification, from narratives of requirements to classification of requirements as strategic, tactical, operational and statutory. Example case study 10. How to formulate project goals and quantify them 11. Examining alternative solutions and evaluating proposed solutions a) Technical feasibility b) Operational feasibility c) Economic feasibility 12. Cost benefit analysis, Documenting feasibility report 13. Developing Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) a) What are DFDs? b) Symbols used in DFD c) Rules of data flow d) Good style

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