System Analysis and Design System Proposal

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I. Overview Baggao Construction Supply is located in 22 MacArthur Highway, Sta. Rosa City. The company line of business is retail industry. It supplies their customers with the materials and tools in order to satisfy their needs in the field of building constructions and repair of household and business equipment and furniture. The type of customers who frequently visits the store is mostly regular and need-based customer. Since the store has already existed in that area for a long period of time, customers do buy small or large volume of materials. These customers who buy the products in small volumes are those who reside nearby and also those who are interested in repairing and constructing things on their own. Customers who…show more content…
* Difficulty in Monitoring Financial Reports According to the group’s research, the accounting process of the company also uses manual processing like what they do in their inventory. Therefore, a lot of human errors are made in recording accounting transactions and it is also time-consuming because there are a lot of data that should be managed. In order for the company to lessen its costs and eliminate human errors, they should implement a Financial Management System so that it would be easier for them to manage their accounting processes, this will also the process to be more efficient because it will be less time consuming. * Poor Manpower Management The company’s manpower management is very poor because they do not keep track of their attendance. Almost all of the company’s employees have multiple tasks and this leads to ineffectiveness of the workers. Their communication skills must also be polished in order for them to satisfy the customers. The company should implement a Human Resource Information System so that they can easily monitor their employees and this will increase their effectiveness because the number of tasks per employee will be lessened and proper employee training will also help them to be more knowledgeable about the products that they sell and this will lead to customer
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