System Analysis and Design Terms

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Close this window | Chapter 1 Glossary | | | Key Term | Definition | Page | adaptive | An adaptive method typically uses a spiral development model, which builds on a series of iterations. | 20 | application development group | Group within a traditional IT department that is composed of systems analysts and programmers who handle information system design, development, and implementation. | 26 | application software | Software such as e-mail, word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics packages used by employees. | 6 | B2B (business-to-business ) | A commercial exchange (e.g. products or services) between businesses, typically enabled by the internet or electronic means. | 9 | B2C (business-to-consumer) | A commercial …show more content…
| 10 | empowerment | A trend that places more responsibility and accountability throughout all levels of an organization. | 16 | end product | A polished, deliverable product, suitable for its intended use. End products or deliverables often coincide with the completion of each SDLC phase. | 21 | end users | Employees, customers, vendors, and others who interact with an information system. | 7 | enterprise applications | Examples of company-wide applications, called enterprise applications, include order processing systems, payroll systems, and company communications networks. | 6 | enterprise computing | Information systems that support company-wide data management requirements, such as airline reservation, or credit card billing systems. | 12 | enterprise resource planning (ERP) | Enterprise applications that provide cost-effective data access for users and managers throughout the company. | 12 | expert systems | Systems that simulate human reasoning by combining a knowledge base and inference rules that determine how the knowledge is applied. Is sometimes used interchangeably with Knowledge management systems. | 14 | extensible markup language (XML) | XML is a flexible data description language that allows Web-based communication between different hardware and software environments. | 10 | extreme programming (XP) | Another adaptive method is called Extreme Programming (XP), which focuses on an
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