System Analysis of Ebay

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Audrey Audrey S3246339 S3246339 Yue Shi Yue Shi Aw Aw Pradipta Sarkar Pradipta Sarkar Tue, 3.30 pm Tue, 3.30 pm City City Pradipta Sarkar Pradipta Sarkar 5-4-2012 5-4-2012 1 1 ISYS 1051 ISYS 1051 Business Analysis Business Analysis Bus Info Tech & Logistics Bus Info Tech & Logistics ------------------------------------------------- RMIT UNIVERSITY ------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT 1 Aw Yue Shi S3246339 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Formal Systems Model 4 Bidding Online Use Case Diagram 6 Bidding Online Extended Use Case 7 Conflict Resolution Use Case Diagram 8 Conflict Resolution Extended Use Case 9 Process Diagrams 10 Bidding…show more content…
This use case begins when a potential buyer visits the Ebay website to login or register with the intent of buying something. 2. Validates login details of the buyer or registers the new user. 3. Buyer searches site for all listings fulfilling his/her search terms for an item that he/she may wish to bid on. 4. The buyer selects the item that he/she wishes to place a bid on from all the listings and places a bid. 5. Registers the buyers’ bid and informs the seller that someone has placed a bid on the item that he/she has listed. More than one buyer may bid for the same item during the auction period. The system registers all biddings and informs other buyers that the item that they have been outbid. Finally, the system closes on an auction and notifies

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