System Build Project Management Info Systems Essay

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System Build Project

Management Info Systems
Professor Hammett

Kohl’s is a former employer of mine, for which I have designed a system of organization to better help them with their inventory management. The problem Kohl’s is having lies in the back overstock rooms. There are so many products stocked back there, it can be very tough some days to help a customer find what they are looking for. Also, the other problem is that the employee does not know if the product is in the back room before even spending the time looking. The issue at hand is Kohl’s wants the customers to have a happy experience shopping and hopefully come back again. If the customer can’t find what they came into find, or have to wait for long periods of time
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The current major system already used by Kohl’s is their specialized inventory system they currently have on their customer service computer. The new inventory control system will work with this old one, but will have many new up to the minute features. With the current system, if a customer asks an employee about inventory, that employee directs them to customer service desk to look it up on a computer. There is only one computer in the back of the store and usually one employee working, so the customer usually ends up waiting, at times too long. The part of the new inventory system that would be compatible with the current system will be the systems used by Kohl’s stores that allow them to see each other’s inventory. The current system only shows if they have the product and how many are left in any Kohl’s store. This system is only updated every 24-48 hours, which can be too long of a delay to help the customers at times. The new system would be updated after every purchase and also keep track of which part of the store the product is in, whether it the product is on the floor or in the back room. The new system would also have a computer in each department for the convenience of the workers and customers. This will prevent a worker from needing to run all the way to the back room and search while the customer is waiting, and also prevent them from having to send the customer to the back of store to ask customer service about their product. Kohl’s uses a
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