System Concepts: Company Overview of Complete Solutions

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Company Overview Complete Solutions plc (CS) is a successful organization specializing in IT consultancy business with annual turnover of £40 millions. The company is located at North of England with branches in the U.S and France. Established in 1980, the company was taken over by a larger company, and the take-over bid led to the rapid expansion of the company. Complete Solution has several sections with approximately 400 users in the UK divisions. The company internal services are based in Manchester with the Training Solutions (TS) consultancy section, Sales, and Marketing section. The overall services of Complete Solution consists of the IT consultancy service as well as selling of hardware and software, training and recruitment, software development and, outsourced services. The other services provided by the Complete Solution are consultancy services. With rapid expansion that the company is enjoying, the Complete Solution is planning to go public by floating on the stock market in the next 18 months to enhance the company competitive market advantages. Despite the expansion enjoyed by the company, the management anticipates that CS does not have necessary infrastructure to support growth in the next three years. The present communication and information system within the company cannot keep pace with the rapid growth. To address the problem, Board of Director agrees that IT Development Department (ITDD), Roger Clarkson, should be responsible for the three years
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