System Design & Management Analysis

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System Design & Management Analysis
Veronica Brown-Corbin
University of Phoenix
Contemporary Systems Management
Brian E. Polding, Ph.D
March 12, 2007

System Design & Management Analysis Management must recognize the system design and management of an organization are subject to internal and external influences. The internal influences include the management team and employee; and the external influences can include competitors and customers. There are contextual/cultural factors and stakeholders that have an influence on the management system that is designed and implemented. The contextual/cultural factors include key characteristics of the organization, internal and external
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Suppliers would also be a factor to include when considering customers and competitors. There are companies that suppliers are treated as partners because they have a close relationship with organization. When the supplier has been providing raw materials or other products they become part of the operation. For example, there are some Japanese firms that have partnered with their suppliers. The community and special interest groups can also have some influence on the system design for an organization. The influence they exert cannot be ignored. Being a corporate citizen in a community can be important especially when managers live in those communities. “Corporate citizenship: For many, it remains a diffuse concept, but generally it speaks to companies voluntarily adopting a triple bottom line, one that takes into account social, economic, and environmental considerations as well as financial results” (Richardson, 2007, p.92). When management designs a system its strategy and goals and objectives it will include its plan to participate in the community. These are areas that the organization can have some control and plan to integrate into its overall corporate strategy. The amount of participation that can be provided ranges from supporting individual employees to the company creating foundation to reach out to a larger audience. “Internally, you need to consider employees, unions, the
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