System Design Project Part Ii

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System Design Project – Part II
Menue J. Fang
University of Phoenix
October 22, 2012

The current environment, for Riordan 's departments, is requiring increased labor in order to process information. The slow consolidation of the operational processes of two divisions with different operation software has become a financial threat to Riordan Manufacturing. Each of the divisions lacks modern technology that is needed to run a highly efficient corporation. Therefore, there is not enough information being shared between customers, sales, finance, manufacturing, and management. The upgrades will make their performance consistent with more rapidly and more efficient company locations; corporate headquarters,
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This is because of their global manufacturing facilities and the duplicity of the manual data entry processes. When the raw material is received, at the loading dock, the material is manually compared to shipping documents that a supervisor has against a schedule of incoming orders. Once comparisons have been finished, the receiving team will unload the trucks and move the raw material into the material holding area located on the factory floor. At the end of each day, the supervisor gives the receiving logs raw materials unloaded and the associated truckers shipping documents to an inventory clerk. The inventory clerk takes all of the related information from the raw materials receipts and enters them into the inventory system. The data includes the type of material received, the vendor the material was purchased from, and the quantity of material. The raw material located on the factory floor is used during the various manufacturing operations. The amount of raw material that gets used during the day is manually written on the raw material usage form given to the inventory clerk. The inventory clerk receives the form and enters the raw material usage into the inventory system. At the end of the each day, the manufacturing team will submit a form to the inventory clerk listing the number of sub-assembles, and ending products finished for that day. The sales department finalizes the requested orders. The sales
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