System Development Life Cycle

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Systems Development life Cycle (SDLC) ➢ The traditional methodology used to develop, maintain, and replace information systems. ➢ The evolution of process that is followed in implementing a computer-based information system subsystem. ➢ Also known as Systems life cycles, Systems Development Methodology, Project Life Cycle, and Methodology.

Participants: ➢ Their participation depends on the strategic value of the project. ➢ Systems Analyst. ➢ Database Administrator. ➢ Network Specialist. ➢ Programmer ➢ Operations Personnel ➢ Executives ➢ MIS/IS Steering
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➢ Organize the project team -Who does what? -Define the information needs : What kind of information will be needed? : What tools should be used to get the information effectively? -Define the system performance criteria. -Prepare the design proposal.

Activities: ➢ Identify and describe complete problem specification. ➢ Studies and documents the current system – in terms of its problems, requirements and processes. ➢ Prepares a list of requirements for the new system. ➢ Diagrams the functions of the existing system necessary for the development of the new system.

DESIGN PHASE: • The determination of the processes and data that are required by a new system. Steps: ➢ Prepare the detailed systems design ➢ Identify alternative system configurations ➢ Evaluate alternative system configurations ➢ Select the best configuration ➢ Prepare the implementation proposal ➢ Approve or reject the proposal


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