System Failure with India Building Callapse and French Rail Crash

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1. INTRODUCTION In introduction this assignment will contain two individual system failure reports; firstly the report for the India Building Collapse will be dissected thus identifying certain information regarding the failure of this particular system. The second system failure report is of the French Rail Crash and correspondingly to the first incident information regarding the system failure will also be identified. 2. INDIA BUILDING COLLAPSE: 27TH SEPTEMBER 2013 – LOCATION: MUMBAI, INDIA 2.1. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT On September 27th 2013 a four-storey building in Dockyard Road in the east of Mumbai collapsed resulting in the death of 61 people. Officials have identified that 22 families of employees of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai resided in the four-storey building. As property and rent prices in Mumbai rise it is those that are less fortunate that have to live in such dilapidated buildings. 2.2. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF MAIN FAILURE CAUSES Poor construction practices in India are believed to be one of the main failure causes. Rising prices in India’s cities results in those less affluent are forced to live is structurally poor accommodation. The main failure cause was due to a central wall and supporting beams being removed thus giving the building insufficient stability. 2.3. WARNING SIGNS There have been many considerable warning signs as over 100 people have died due to building collapses in Mumbai between April and June 2013 alone. An

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