Essay about System Integrity and Validation

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Running head: System Integrity and Validation System Integrity and Validation Aaron Stewart University of Phoenix Accounting Information Systems ACC/542 MBAY0ZDVQ0 Yasin Dadabhoy September 19, 2011 Preface Kudler Finer Foods has a very strong accounting information system in place but there is room for improvement. Kudler’s has taken the steps in the correct direction by implementing an industry specific system. Computer technology only makes auditing Kudler Finer Foods easier and more accurate. Computer assisted auditing tools and techniques CAATs is highly recommend for Kudler finer Foods. The ability to share information with clients and auditor’s…show more content…
In the past, before computers aided in the organization of business documents, audits were conducted on paper. Audits are performed using Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques (CAATTs) or Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs). Computer assisted audit tools and techniques (CAATTs) is defined as the software used to enhance the auditor’s productivity and used to extract data and analysis. The second T in CAATTs refers to the techniques used to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the audit. The other form of computer assisted audit tools and techniques is CAAT, which has one t. Because this computer assisted audit has one t, the single t represents techniques. CAATs by definition, has the same meaning as CAATTs with the exception of enhanced auditor’s productivity and extracting data and analysis (Hunton, Bryant, & Bagranoff, 2004, p. 178). Using CAATs for information technology audits consists of the auditor’s following 10- steps. Each of the steps will cover a wide area of objectives, processes, and identify different task that need to be performed. The 10- steps to using CAATs will be cover in the PowerPoint presentation. Validating data will be accomplished by running a series of test data to ensure the system is updating and running properly. The test data is made up by the auditor to establish that the results received are the results the auditor is looking for. This particular type of test will be
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