System Of Education Vs American Education

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Lifestyles differ throughout generations. It is because of several factors related to people’s behaviors, historical events, social environment, and scientific and technical progress. My upbringing and schooling experience has some new features different from what had my grandparents in their youth. Therefore, the American System of Education today and before still focuses on the religious education and socialization of students through multiple activities. First, my life is similar to the elder’s life in terms of the religious influence throughout the years of education. Municipal authorities built public schools with the extension to the church, and students “went to the church every day.” My grandparents prayed every day before the start of the classes. It is the same experience as I had at school. Moreover, I entered the Catholic University of America. American education encourages new generations to share the same Christian values of obedience, discipline, and patience. It has become another significant part of…show more content…
First, American education is the framework for getting knowledge. It is a system of studies for the public. Then, the question is: Why should new generations refer to the lifestyles and schooling experiences of elder generations? This question is rhetorical. However, I think each generation adds to the improvement of the American System of Education making it more appropriate and multifaceted in methods and approaches. Therefore, one has to understand the American education in combination with practical advantages and disadvantages. Another question refers to my upbringing and schooling background and whether it is the same for other students. Not everyone has a motivation to study thoroughly and to obey parents. It refers to the social and economic factors splitting the society into different layers and spreading
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