System Requirment Specification for Postal System

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1. INTRODUCTION The SRS provides functioning of the Post Office Transaction System software used in postal offices all over the country. This software works in a Client Server environment with the server storing the data and clients connecting to the server for all types of transactions. It will explain the purpose and features of the system, the interfaces of the system, what the system will do, the constraints under which it must operate, specific requirements and other supporting information. This document is intended for both the stakeholders and the developers of the system. This document is intended for developers, project coordinator, project guide, users and testers. The developer can use the…show more content…
Bruade (Wiley 2001). 1.5 OVERVIEW This document contains a brief history and insight into the problem as well as what the system is designed to do, the scope of the solution. It gives a brief summary of whom the system is targeted at, its capabilities, and its positioning in the device development process. It also explains requirements of the system and also where exactly the user and stakeholders are placed in the scheme of things. It elaborates on security issues, hardware and software requirement and also the priorities of various functionalities. The document helps the user to understand the Postal System. The first part of the document provides the purpose, objectives and scope of the proposed system. It includes important definition and abbreviation, the problem statement specify the needed details to avoid any kind of ambiguity from user’s perspective. The document also states the feature set and capabilities of the system. The document also highlights the feature of proposed system and the advantages over the existing system. The document also highlights the various issues, error handling and the modification to be done in the system. The document is helpful to the user as it gives them opportunities to state what they expect from the system. In addition, the hardware specification required for the system is also mentioned. The user can read the document and make sure that his machine is equipped

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