System Security Monitoring

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System Security Monitoring
November 5, 2012
Henry Rivera Jr.

Every organization has risks and it is extremely critical for them to identify what these risks are and to mitigate and avoid further damages in case of disastrous events. These disastrous events can be prevented by designing and implementing a robust security monitoring system and utilizing industry proven practices and activities. Information Security refers to safety of information in terms of confidentiality, integrity, availability, and non-repudiation (Byrnes & Proctor, 2002). This document will provide a clear definition about the security monitoring activities that should be designed and conducted in an organization that has both internal and
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The state monitoring can cover the analysis of security policies, access controls put in place, password requirements, network security controls, permissions, viruses, and inappropriate files such as unnecessary image, music, videos, and other multimedia files. The system must also be able to examine any workstation’s current installed applications and determine whether or not updated versions exist. Any unnecessary or redundant data from the logs must be extracted out as well.
Security monitoring does not just stop at the monitoring level. The security system must be able to protect the data collected from the security monitoring system itself. Any vulnerabilities and holes will leave the security monitoring system ineffective and render it useless, especially in cases of modification and tampering. Tampered data will never result to meaningful conclusions. Activity data must be confidential and regarded as sensitive. The system must be able to compare negative and positive data and figure out which priority levels are given to each data and event. Another important aspect is that the security monitoring systems and activities do not hinder or get in the way of the business operations (Fry, & Nystrom, 2009).
In an event of intrusion or security disaster, a security audit must be put into action immediately to avoid further damages. The first thing to conduct is to confirm that a security breach or
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