System Thinking

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In this week's discussion we're focusing on how Cincinnati Children's Hospital applied key principles of system thinking, and areas where such concepts could are lacking. In addition, we're going to discuss the value of system thinking to the leadership of Cincinnati Children's Hospital for new levels of quality. The organization shifted it focus toward the improving children's health. Furthermore, the hospital focused on quality improvements and different ways to achieve such goals. Firstly. the hospital started to shift from using historical practices toward proven methods when applicable. Consequently,many of these methods harmed maximization of profitability, but shifted toward providing a better quality of service to patients. Applying…show more content…
According to Edmond son, A & Tucker.A " key principles of systems thinking and where this thinking appears to be lacking." Many of the proven methods decrease the patients stay at the hospital by using such methods as home care, eliminate infections, and etc. The doctors of the hospital felt concerned by using such methods as they felt it would harm the hospital profit margin. Later with research the hospital discovered this isn't the…show more content…
This feedback could be positive or negative on how the hospital could improve its quality performance. As system thinkers this concept is crucial as its gives direct feedback and also has a motivational factors. According to Geller.Scott "They use feedback as a consequence to motivate an individual to continue or stop a particular behavior, and they use feedback as an activator to direct improvement in particular work practices." Lastly the hospital practiced transparency to the public of its quality performance and how they needed help with such improvements. This is another key to system thinking as it gets the other parties involved to collaborate, and also show your commitment to such changes. This will align everyone attitude with the needed behavior, and to all work together toward the same goals. On the other hand, a weakness in the system that this organization displayed is the need to improve further on getting everyone to with the organization to use a practice of "Do for me and I'll do for you". According to Geller.Scott "Simply put, the reciprocity principle is reflected in the slogan, "Do for me and I’ll do for you." In other words, if you’re nice to someone, they’ll feel obligated to return the favor. And consistent with a systems perspective, the favor might be returned to someone other than the original
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