System evaluation paper

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System Evaluation Paper

Donna Jackson


October 6, 2014

University of Phoenix

MGD is an automated pharmaceutical management product and service for hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East (Bloomberg Business Week, 2014). Its automated medication dispensing systems include ServeRx system, which involves automation software, medication and supply cabinets, bedside solutions, and computerized order entry devices for medication management (Bloomberg Business Week, 2014). The computer also offers order entry module that promotes patient safety by eliminating transcription errors and providing real-time information at the patient’s bedside
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A tower of many small drawers stands next to a computer screen and a solution closet. In those small drawers is a variety of commonly used drugs in a hospital which are still supplied by the pharmacy technician daily. Once the doctor has placed the orders into the hospital information system they go to the lab, pharmacy, and every department that is involved with the care of the patient. This action alone will remove several hours from the admission time of the patient.
The medicine dispensary automation system helps increase pharmacy staff efficiency, support prevention of medication errors, and provide documentation for regulatory compliance (PINT, 2011). The computerized systems combine the power of pharmacy carousel systems and bar code packaging to automate the inventory ordering, receiving, stocking and picking processes (PINT, 2011). The right medications are stocked in the right locations, and that security is maintained for controlled substances (PINT, 2011).
As the hospital has gained popularity and become more accepted by society in the last two decades, with more sick people the industry has had to make changes in order to keep up with supply and demand. The enterprise has required better organization than ever with more people taking hands full of medicine per day. The entire world is looking for a nurse to make a mistake with medications, so it seems. The many stipulations and rules that the nursing staff faces meeting
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