System of Theories and Development

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I. Introduction and Overview Ever Solid Plastic Manufacturing Company is a plastic manufacturing company owned by Rosario Tan. The company is a distributor of high quality plastics. It manufactures different set of products such as sando bags, plastic cups, paper cups, spaghetti boxes, and etc. It has been operating for approximately 17 years and is located in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila. The study of the researchers were focusing on the business operations of the said company. Based on the company visits and interviews we have conducted in the company, the researchers have discovered that the main problem of the company is having problems with regards to their manual business operations or processes. In line with this, the…show more content…
Furthermore, the company maintain a quality working environment for all of the employees in order to have a kind of culture that which will lead to them to be productive, higher profitability, safety and environmental stewardship. D. Organizational Structure Job Description: 1. General Manager - Directly under the owner of the company. He leads all the departments that directly reports to him. In charge of the coordination and synchronization of each department with one another so all processes under each department are done at a timely manner. 2. Logistics Manager - Under the production department. Is responsible for overseeing the production of goods in the company 3. Production Coordinator - Reports to the logistics manager. Is in charge of the overall production of products in the company 4. Product Development - Also under the logistics manager. Is in charge of finding ways to improve their products or finding ways of producing their products more efficiently 5. Quality Control Head - Under the Logistics Manager. Makes sure that all of the products they produce are uniform and are of the same quality. In charge of spotting for defects in their products 6. Operations Manager - Under the production department. Oversees all processes that concern storage, transportation and delivery of the company’s products 7. Warehouse Supervisor - Reports to the operations manager.
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