Systematic And Organizational Problems Associated By Jones And Cousins Ltd Essay

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4. Systematic and organizational problems Systematic problems
Jones and cousins ltd acquired the leading share in the market of fibroscopic medical instruments by solely focusing on introducing various new products for its customers without proper quality in service. It’s given that customers had to wait 6 weeks for their products. Even the old products were modified and introduced into the market as new products. This points out the lack of concern of jones and cousins Ltd for their customers and their satisfaction.
The study mentions that Surgeons and doctors often held onto preferred manufacturers & NHS hospitals frequently used group purchasing organizations. These are unhealthy practices as they reduce the competition required to generate the best product. Plus, it ignores the chance for other manufactures to introduce their products into the market.
Organizational problems
The unorganized distribution of the finished end products is a major concern that the company faces. Regional ware houses that order the procurement of the products works independently which results in improper management of inventory. There is no accurate data of many hospitals use these warehouses for the frequent replenishment of the products. This resulted in panic ordering as multiple regional warehouses and dealers are trying to match the demand of the customers. (Lee & Jeong, 2010)
By dividing production planning and scheduling as two separate process, the time consumed for approval of

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